What Are The Shipping Options For Moving From The US To India?

A crucial preparation is required once you decided to move from the US to India. Plenty of preparation is required for this complicated move.

To start with you have to hire expert for a seamless transition that can be international sea or air shipping for all of your household goods. The factors that play most important role are the moving timeline & the size of the shipment.


You need to segregate your personal items and household items into two parts. One part contains the items that are in your possession for at least six months or you have lived in USA for at least two years and are transferring your residence to India or you have not visited India for more than 180 days in the previous two years, then you can transfer your belongings without duty or taxes. Second part, the remaining items will come under custom duty and taxes(except clothing, jewelry, toiletries).

You also need to check that whether you are opting a full container or the shared one. If you opt for a full container option then it will contain your stuff only & will be loaded with immediate effect. This may cost you more as the charges of full container you have to bear by yourself but it will save your lots of time. This move normally takes around 60 days to reach your destination from the date of container loading from port. If you are opting for shared container then your belongings will be loaded in container in sharing with one or more person’s belongings. In this case your stuff will be picked up from your place and put in shipping storage places. This will not be loaded in the container till the time company gets the enough stuff to fill the container completely. Unless the container is not full it will not leave the port. This may take 3- 4 months to deliver you stuff to India. But this way of porting will save lots of money as you share your container with others.

Depending on the size of you shipment/ budget/ time you can choose from a large number of options & make your shipment customized. You can opt for door to door option. In this your belongings will be picked up from your place in US & will be delivered at your desired place in India. Also in this option you can further choose to pack & unpack by yourself or get your stuff packed & unpacked by the company professionals. Other option is door to port or vise- versa. In this based on your convenience you can choose to get your stuff picked up from your place & to be dropped at the Indian port if you are convenient & opted to pick it from Indian port by yourself. Or you can drop your stuff by yourself to the US port but need to get it delivered to your desired place in India. Another option is port to port, in this you may opt for the dropping your stuff to the US port & pick up your stuff from the Indian port.

Your cost of moving will be based on a large number of factors & options. We sincerely advice you to call us so that experts will personally visit your place, take the estimate of your stuff to be shipped. After that as per your budget they will give you the various option that are available may suits you. Then on the basis of your convenience you can choose the best one. You can trust us for the best services at the competitive cost.