You have a beautiful gift to send to your parents on their anniversary. They are in a different country, and the gift is a beautiful low weight showpiece. However, what worries you is that the charges of sending the present are almost equal to the cost of the gift that you have bought for your parents. You worry is quite legitimate. To get a legitimate solution, the best thing which you can do is to perform an extensive google search. This will give you multiple solutions, but at the same time, it will leave you confused. However, we will give you an insight on this while not making you confused.
Low Cost
When you look for the cheapest way to ship internationally, Partnerloggroup could be the best solution. Partnerloggroup shipping rates are quite lucrative. Best thing is, it provides a lot of options based on your requirement. So, if you have low weight items, and just want a normal delivery then definitely Partnerloggroup  can offer a reasonable rate. However, if you want a faster delivery then definitely you have to pay more. Faster delivery is a premium service, one needs to pay a premium to avail this service. Also, Partnerloggroup doesn’t follow the concept of flat rates, and they have the different specific type of pricing for specific countries. Sometimes, the pricing for the country is based on the group in which the country falls.  So, Partnerloggroup determines the cost of shipping based on parcel weight, destination and delivery time frame. Partnerloggroup can ship a lightweight parcel at low cost, with a seven to twenty days delivery time frame.

If you are not comfortable with flexible pricing, and still looking for flat pricing then even then Partnerloggroup could be your best bet. In comparison to the available services, it appears to be the cheapest option when it comes to flat pricing. The services are really cheap, and we mean it. You can send one small parcel from Connecticut to Hongkong, at a very low cost with a delivery time frame of six to ten days. Partnerloggroup is the best option when it comes to shipping low weight items internationally.

On the contrary, if you want to send through FedEx or UPS with a delivery time of 4 to 6 days, then it will cost somewhere around 100 US dollars, it is three times more than what you pay for international shipping. Undoubtedly, UPS and FedEx are one of the premium service providers, when it comes international shipping. But, it can be quite expensive especially if you don’t have a corporate account with them. The box size determines the pricing. Hence, if the box size is large the shipping cost will go up automatically. So, before selecting your courier company just check the box size they offer for international shipping.

No doubt, USPS and Priority Mail are the best option for shipping lightweight items internationally, but it needs to be admitted that they don’t have proven track record when it comes to adhering the delivery timelines. Moreover, tracking services of both of these service providers are quite patchy. In order to get the best rate, you can get on to number websites which provides a detailed comparison of the rates based on the shipment size and destination. This makes your life much easy. One such website is Partnerloggroup. Just fill out the details, and get the best rate in a few seconds. No more wasting time finding the cheapest international shipping services for shipping lightweight items.

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