Sending container from one container to another could be an extremely affair. This is true especially if you are sending a container from the USA to Australia. There could be multiple reasons why you might need to ship a container from the USA to Australia. You might be relocating to Australia permanently, or you might be sending some expensive artifacts to your special ones in Australia. There could be multiple reasons. Often, we end up in paying more while sending a container from the USA to Australia. A lot has to be blamed on our preconceived perceptions. Most of us think that while we ship the container to Australia from the US, going for a branded courier or shipper such as DHL, UPS, FedEx will be the best option. Thus, we don’t do any research and simply select a leading shipper to ship. In this article, we will discuss the cheapest ways of shipping a container from the US to Australia.

USA to Australia

If you are shifting your household items, probably you need to decide first what you need to ship and what size of container you need. This has to be decided at the initial stage, even before you contact a shipper. Most of the time, if one is relocating from the US to Australia, then he might be selling off most of the stuff, and bring back an only a certain number of items. Hence, the best option will be to take one half of the container and share the container with other shippers. This is often referred to as less than full container load (LCL), whereas occupying the full container is known as full container load (FCL).This can cut down the costs by half. So, renting a half-sized container can save the shipping cost. Further, you can save the cost by packing and organizing the stuff yourself, rather than getting it done by a professional packer. Again, this is going to reduce the cost as well. This might not be a tough task at all, there are multiple online videos as well as articles available, which can be used as a help in this regard. One can source the packaging materials from Craigslist easily. The shipper might be involved only at the final stage for shipping the container and taking care of the customs clearance. Also, select the mode of transportation atthe sea. The whole process is going to save a lot of money for you. But, remember this option could be availed only if you have stuff that can be fitted into one half of container.

Another golden rule is, always choose sea freight over the air freight. Sending container over air freight could be costly. Hence, opt for this option only if there is some type of urgency or if you want a faster shipment. Otherwise, shipping container over air freight to Australia can be extremely costly. You might end up in paying thousands of dollars if you are shipping with DHL.But Patnerloggroup one of the leading ocean freight shipping company providing international shipping from USA to Australia at much lower costs as compared to other international shipping companies. We offer flexible range of Ocean Freight services for both Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments. Our Door to door and customize service solutions has helped many big brands around the world in saving thousands of dollars.


Lastly, there are multiple websites available which can help you with the quotes, for shipping container from the US to Australia. With the help of online platforms, you can get quotations simply by sitting back at home.

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