Often, there might be situations where you might ship furniture overseas. There could be multiple reasons. You might be locating to a different country or might be returning to your home country after living a life of expats. You might be moving abroad to start a new life.You might be sending an exclusive piece of furniture as a gift to some who stay is another country. Also, there are chances that you might be an antique dealer who often needs to send furniture overseas to foreign clients. As you can see there could be multiple reasons, why you would want to ship furniture overseas. While moving furniture overseas shipping costs play an important part. You might often wonder what will be the cost to ship belongings overseas, including your furniture. Well, in that case, this article will be the perfect guide you.

shipping furniture

When you are moving your furniture overseas, you have to make sure that the movement happens with utmost care. At the end of the day, you don’t want to send a broken or a damaged furniture.Furniture sometimes has delicate accessories, such as glass lights or cotton furnishings. Hence, proper care is definitely required while move overseas.

While there is no exact cost of shipping, the average cost of moving to another country can range between 1200 USD to 3500 USD. The cost will depend on multiple factors, such as the number of furniture you are moving, what is the source as well as a destination location, and the mode of transport. By mode of the transport we mean, either by sea or air. To be honest, if you are shipping the furniture that is meant for three bedrooms by sea, the estimated cost could be somewhere to around 2000 USD. In our estimation, we assumed the source as New York and the destination as London. The same cost will go up if you ship by Air. It might be around 2500 USD. Sometimes, you might feel cost to ship belongings overseas is pretty high, and it’s better to sell off the furniture before moving out. But sometimes we are emotionally attached to certain objects, and furniture is one of them. We simply can’t think of selling it.


Apart from the mentioned costs, you might also need disassembly as well as reassembly services unless you are an expert who can do it by himself. The furniture needs to be disassembled before packing. It might also need the packing and unpacking services. Similarly, loading, unloading along with the transportation cost to the port or airport will be required.The cost can go higher if you prefer door to door delivery or specialized packaging for fragile products. It can go further higher if you opt for an insurance cover. So, the add-ons to the basic cost can make a huge difference to the overall cost. Instead of engaging separate vendors to perform the add-on tasks, a single professional removal company can be engaged. This will be much more economical. Sometimes these companies also provide cleaning services after unloading the furniture. You can actually cut down the total cost by nearly 50 percent if you know how to disassemble/ to assemble and pack/unpack furniture. You need to get some good quality packing materials, along with some training videos from YouTube. There are many websites which provide free international moving cost estimate calculator. These tools are absolutely free, and you use them to get a free estimation. You can check the one available with “really moving”, and the best part is it doesn’t ask for your personal information.


As you can see, moving furniture overseas is a costly affair. Hence, before deciding on the movement always give a second thought of selling them off. You can sell them at the source country, and buy new ones at your new destination. This is a better option, in case the cost of shipping becomes more than the overall value of the furniture.



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