Often, we might get confused, and might fail to make the right decision regarding our cargo. The confusion might be related to the mode of transport. You might be thinking which one is good for your good, air shipping or ocean freight. It is true that there are apparent differences between international air freight and ocean freight. You have to consider certain factors, and then you might be able to take an informed decision. We are here to guide you, and help you out in making a decision, whether international air freight is the right option for you or should you opt for ocean freight for the international locations.

Ocean and Air Freight

Now, when should you consider international Air freight for your cargo? Primarily, when you find the cost of shipping is less than the fifteen to twenty percent of the actual value of the good. In case you are not sure about it, there are multiple tools available online which can definitely help you out in this case. You can simply google, “chargeable weight calculator”, and you will get many of them. These weight calculators will also help you in determining, whether the shipped goods will be charged on the basis of actual weight or the dimensional weight. In case, you are not sure, the best way will be contacting the shipper and get the cost. Then you can easily compare the cost with the value of the goods. It is true that air freight is the best option when it comes to speed of transportation and safety. It is also more reliable than the ocean freight. But, when it comes to cost, it could be seven to eight times expensive than the ocean freight. Hence, if cost is not a concern for you then air freight could be the best option. Another thing is, you cannot ship hazardous items through air freight. They have stricter regulations than ocean freight, and dangerous as well as hazardous substances are strictly not allowed. There will be a list of prohibited items available with the shipper, which will be prepared based on the national law along with the regulations set by the airlines.

On the other hand, when you should consider ocean freight for international shipping? Primarily, when you are looking for more capacity. For examples, you can ship around ten thousand beer bottles in a single container. Obviously, if you ship the same over air freight is going to make a hole in your pocket. Secondly, ocean freight should be considered when the speed of transportation is not a concern. The speed of transportation of ocean freight is much slower than the air freight. Moreover, holdups at a port along with customs regulations can add more time to the delay. However, you can opt for Express LCL (less than container load) which is much faster than the normal ocean freight, and could be a good option in comparison the air freight. However, you can opt for LCL when the required capacity is less since you will be sharing the container with others. Sometimes, if the good is valuable you might not want to share the container.

By this time, you might have already gone through the guidelines, which will ultimately help you to make a decision. It could be said that the cost is the primary factor when it comes to choosing the type of freight services. The cost is going to make a huge difference, owing to higher cost for international air freight. As a ground rule, if the capacity is less, and good which will be shipped is valuable. Then air freight is the best option for you, else you can opt for ocean freight for international shipping.

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