Partner Loggroup

Partnerlog Group – Your natural and efficient link between supplier and consumer

We offer a unique partnership, with tailor made logistic solutions, specialized to your industry needs whether it is road, air or ocean freight. We have coverage in more than 180 countries.

Through our quality control and sourcing locations we offer added security and support to our customers that manufacture or procure products in overseas markets.

Partnerlog Group: One Stop Solution for Your 3PL Needs

Amidst complex business challenges and cut throat competition, one aspect that can turn the tide in your favor is a customized supply chain management! This is an important function that requires the services of international moving company with proven expertise. Partnerlog Group (PLG) fit the bill perfectly! We are a premium international freight logistic company specializing in full-service, client-specific solutions.

Our comprehensive 3PL services, supply chain competency and dedication to customer satisfaction can make a substantial difference to your overall operational efficiencies and help you soar higher. PLG is widely recognized as a global 3PL provider of integrated shipping, logistics, marine and related services. We take pride in providing A-one supply chain solutions and value added services to ensure our clients are always ahead of the curve in the dynamically changing business landscape

We Deliver on Our Promise:

PLG caters to a wide range of industries, importers, and exporters. We are committed to ensuring our customers’ needs for quality shipping, logistics and marine services are met effectively.  With our professional team working round the clock in more than 180 countries and 6 continents, we deliver on what we promise. Our objective is to help our valued clients run seamless, cost-effective operations with fewer people and less time. To that end, we offer unique end-to-end international logistic solutions to meet distinct needs and expectations. Equipped with years of experience and cutting-edge infrastructure, our highly skilled team goes the extra mile to guarantee your supply chain management is hassle-free. Be it air freight, sourcing help, LTL trucking or quality control, we are a 3PL logistic company that you can count on to add value to your brand.

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