3PL Logistics – We offer Air, Ocean & Road Services. High quality service, effective communication and competitive rates makes us an natural choice as a partner.

4PL Logistics – We manage your supply chain with a control tower function from a suitable US office. Typical results is 10-30% transportation savings from; mode optimization, load optimization, negotiated rate reductions & tendering compliance.

Partnerlog Group (PLG), a privately owned and operated company has become one of the top global 3PL providers. With a network in over 180 countries and six continents, we offer worldwide logistics services. Powered by innovative technology, an efficient management team, and resounding commitment, our mission is to help customers manage their goods more efficiently throughout their supply chains

Given the crucial role niche 3PL logistics companies play in today’s competitive business landscape, we understand how important it is to pick the right provider. PLG takes pride in providing top-notch solutions to ensure our clients are always on the top of the game. Thanks to our performance-driven culture, and proven track record, we’ve positioned ourselves as an intricate and reliable partner. We offer unmatched value-added services and end-to-end logistics solutions to meet not just specific needs but also the future objectives of businesses.

Highly integrated network

We cater to a comprehensive range of industries looking for consistent delivery and minute attention to detail. With a team of seasoned techs and executives at the helm, we work seamlessly with clients looking to ship their products coast to coast by road, ocean or air. Our endeavor is to transport goods quickly, securely and cost-effectively. We operate within four basic business units, namely Quality Control, Vendor Management and Sourcing & Logistics. This collaborative approach is a major reason we have a never ending list of satisfied customers.

4 Key Business Units

• Sourcing: Our sourcing strategy not only helps save costs but also facilitates growth and expansion prospects. It allows you to concentrate on core competencies (sales, marketing, and product development) while we take care of dispatch, warehousing, picking and packing, inventory forecasting, order fulfillment, transportation management, freight forwarding and distribution operations effectively.

• Logistics: Apart from managing the physical movement of consignment flawlessly, our logistics department provides support with all aspects of documentation, customs, tracking & administration.

• Quality control: We ensure all compliance requirements are being met andquality control is maintained. This leads to higher flexibility, cost control and an increase in both customer satisfaction and profits.

• Vendor management: Given that multiple suppliers and parties are involved, our vendor management platform streamlines process and procedures throughout the supply chain. This saves time, reduces communication flows and results in cost savings.

Smart Logistic Solutions

PLG is your one-stop logistics shop. We operate with strong business ethics to create a customized system designed to improve and simplify your logistics. You can count on us to handle your complete transportation program from origin to destination with timeliness and utmost efficiency. At PLG, we believe our clients deserve nothing but the best and go the extra mile to guarantee 100% satisfaction. We continuously implement improvements and innovations to meet every challenge. Our objective is to help improve the efficiency of your supply chain, enhance productivity, slash overheads and scale operations to support your growing needs.

Transparent Processes

Our goal is to develop honest, respectful and long-standing relationships with our valued customers. This is the cornerstone of our success. What separates us from other 3 PL worldwide logistics companies is that we ensure utmost accuracy and visibility along with an optimal level of service. We give our customer as much insight as possible into their logistics activities. Our exclusive track and trace facility provides real-time digital access to critical information and communicates the status of your shipment whenever and wherever you want it.