Our Vendor Management services ensure production is completed and shipments processed on-time, to your quality standards

The most effective vendor quality control begins at point of origin involving shipment monitoring, education and performance measurements.

We at a PLG believes Vendor Management & it’s processes is key to every clients supply chain / flow of goods globally, that we have a specialized Business Unit for solution & assistance.

We take our Vendor Management co-operations to the next level, where we work with our clients as their own representatives As an extended team and technology platform to manage your vendors and their orders. By leveraging our global network, PLG team members are available 24/7 to work with your vendors in their local languages and ensure they meet your pre-defined performance expectations.

Vendor Management services include:
  • Vendor Performance/Training
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Consolidation

Vendor Performance

Measuring your vendors’ performance

We monitor compliance with your critical data and events, like documentation, booking and exceptions. We also measure performance of:

  • Ship window compliance
  • Timely submission of documents
  • Container utilization
  • Accuracy of shipment advices and container manifests
  • Shipment quantity and quality

Our Vendor Management services improve supply chain standards, enabling you and your vendors to maintain quality relationships.

Educating your vendors

We educate your vendors on your logistics procedures to ensure products are precisely packaged, loaded and delivered. Programs are customized to your unique requirements:

  • Define and communicate your requirements in local language, establishing vendors’ roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure compliance with processes and procedures
  • Create open and seamless communications that link your vendors, PLG and your own operations
  • Promote a spirit of teamwork that drives continuous improvement throughout the entire supply chain

In the past decade, PLG has carried out vendor education programs with companies all around the world.

Monitoring production status and compliance

PLG Logistics monitors production and compliance statuses against pre-defined trip plans. We also recognize that every industry is unique. Raw materials receipts and documented sources of raw materials are critical for some, while first run quality, timeline quantities and final Quality Control (QC) inspection certificates are important to others.

Our global network and technological solutions enable you to obtain direct status updates before products depart the factory. We monitor quantities, timelines and quality before your customer spots incorrect labeling or sub-standard products. This successfully reduces costly re-work at destination or return

  • Delivery of operational requirements
  • Continuous improvement
  • Provision of SOP’s and training material

Purchase Order Management

PLG Logistics Purchase Order Management is a multi-modal logistical solution designed for efficient management of the entire supply chain by authorizing total end-to-end visibility.

By authorising us to measure and evaluate performance data of all key parties in the supply chain, we are able to improve and add value to its operation in a way that optimises speed while minimising costs.

PO / Vendor Management offers a range of highly effective, streamlining services that include:

  • Monitoring and ensuring that vendors cross-reference orders against PO quantity and cargo ready date
  • Ensuring vendor compliance within agreed parameters, including providing proper training
  • Managing documentation. We offer fast, efficient and thorough documentation collection, verification and uploading from vendors to prevent delays
  • Implementing of vendor performance KPIs, including measurement of delivery within agreed shipment windows from ex-factory date, vendor booking, cargo delivery and document submission date
  • Distributing POs. We run the PO distribution directly to factory or agent


Consolidation services from PLG open up the benefits of purchasing smaller quantities from a variety of vendors

Consolidation is more than simply filling up a container. It allows a buyer to procure a variety of products from a multitude of vendors without losing operational efficiency in the shipment process.

While sourcing from several vendors makes good economic sense, the complexities arise when attempting to balance production runs against full container quantities and sales forecasts. Overstocking just to qualify for full container discounts is no longer necessary. Our consolidation services allow the purchase of exact product amounts required to meet sales forecasts in the most economical way.

PLG will combine your goods from multiple vendors into one shipment. Acting as your single point of contact, we help eliminate lost economies of scale, management costs and extra customs requirements.

Captured under a single platform, a pipeline of information from all suppliers can be efficiently monitored. As the eyes and ears next to the production source, we verify everything from transposed Purchase Order (PO) numbers to inferior carton quality. When we know it, you know it.

Multi-vendor, multi-country, multi benefits

Beyond multiple vendors, PLG manages your products sourced from more than one country.

  • Coordinate collection of Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments from multiple vendors in multiple countries
  • Arrange shipments from origin and consolidate them into Full Container Loads (FCL) at central hubs
  • Organize FCL shipments to final destination
Benefits include:
  • Reduced freight costs – Pro-rated freight and destination charges, saving on LCL tariffs
  • Faster transit time – Our weekly hub-and-spoke services help you make LCL shipments without delay
  • Lower delivery expenses – Multiple- country loads are delivered complete, reducing the cost of customs and trucking
  • Less risk – Intact deliveries mean less risk of pilferagesA manages your products sourced from more than one country.