The Container Loading inspection is where we monitor the loading of cargo where we check the cargo is loaded as purchased / agreed & Quality

It aims to witness which goods are loaded, in which quantities and in which conditions.

  • Sometimes issues and problems don’t come from manufacturing process but from logistic and transportation. When a production is perfect but loading is improper and destroy your product, at destination the result is the same: goods are unsaleable.

Fault may come from improper loading process due to manufacturer inattention, but it also may come from improper container sent by freight forwarder. For example if container is leaking or smelling the manufacturer will not be responsible for it but most of time the freight forwarder will not take responsibility either. On this base, inspecting your container during loading is essential to witness who the potential fault would come from.

Our Container Loading Supervision report can help you to claim some fault during loading to your manufacturer or you for compensation

The Container Loading Supervision will usually takes place at manufacturer premise