Tp adapt to the evolving business needs of our clients, PLG has transformed itself from a freight company that merely transports things from place to place into a business partner that provides a full range of solutions to match any logistics needs.


PLG has an extensive international service network for global reach and vast delivery options. Additionally, for emergency and unusual situations, PLG offers air charter service. Our dependable worldwide scheduled consolidations and door-to-door transportation services provide business advantages, such as shorter lead times and increased reliability.


With global volume and ownership of the CFS Network, PLG’ service is the fastest and safest means of moving freight. In addition, we provide pick-up, customs clearance, delivery and distribution operations in order to carry out our end-to-end service.

Air Now is the expedited, at once service for those shipments that not only have a fixed due date and transit time, but where they need collecting as fast as possible and moving out on the first available flight.

We will arrange for fast collection & expedite the custom clearance process.

PLG Express is 1-2 days

Our standard air freight service: reliable, safe and fast. Air Premium is the right service for those shipments that have a tight due date schedule and need a time-definite delivery at final destination – worldwide. Fast delivery, with reliable & safe Class A carriers.

PLG Console is 3-5 days

Our standard consolidation service takes care of all your shipping requirements requiring the speed and safety of air freight, but where you are still flexible in terms of their end to end transit time. A minimum transit time of 96 hours ensures that you can combine fast transportation with the flexibility of a highly competitive cost option.

PLG Budget is 5-9 days


PLG’s customs clearance operation is one of the most extensive and experienced in the logistics industry. Around the globe, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of regulatory compliance services, led by our highly compliant and well respected import customs brokerage services. Our expert teams and advanced systems ensure that the necessary government declarations are completed accurately and on time for your import and export shipments so that we minimize the risks associated with moving freight across international borders.

Most of the importers across the globe make use of Air cargo or Air freight, when they want to move their goods from one place to another, quickly and reliably. Around 90% of cargo movements happen through the ocean freight but air freight is much faster. It creates a faster connect amongst the destinations across the globe. For example, a freight movement from China to the US through ocean will have an estimated shipping time between 20 to 30 days, but the same through the air will be only 3 days. Thus, the speed of the transportation remains the USP of the air freight.


Two key factors that are considered in case of air freight are, volume and weight. In case of air shipping, the carrier will charge either on the basis of the volumetric weight or the actual weight. The volumetric weight is also referred to as dimensional weight. They will select either of them, based on which one is more expensive.

According to the rule that is followed globally, the calculation of the volumetric weight is done by multiplying the volume of the item in cubic meters by 167. For example, the volume for a typical item which is W-40 CM, H-40 CM, and L -40 CM, will be .064. You need to multiply this by 167, and which gives you a volumetric weight of 10.67 KG. The figure will be used by the shipper for the calculation of the shipping cost.


  • Speed: When the speed of the transport is your priority. When you think that you want to move your items from a warehouse in China to the United States in 5 days. Theoretically, it has been found that air freights are about 30 times faster than the ocean freights. This is true, considering the fact a passenger jet can cruise at 575 mph, in comparison to an ocean liner whose average speed is around 19 mph. You can use our transit time calculator to get the correct estimates. Our transit time calculator makes use of the data that has been generated from the recent shipments, in order to generate the estimated transit times. It has been found that air freight costs around 5 times more of trucking and 16 times more than the ocean freight. This the figure, which has been confirmed by World Bank.
  • Reliability– If you are looking for reliable as well as dependable freight services, then again air freight scores over the ocean freight. The data generated from the cargo industry proves that air freights are much more reliable than the ocean freights. Moreover, air freights facilitate better tracking, that ensures that goods will reach the correct destination within the estimated time.
  • Protection: There was a time when ocean freight was marred by piracy especially the regions around sub-Saharan The good news is, even though piracy still exists, it has declined rapidly. But, in the case of air freight, there is no piracy. Also, when you ship your goods through air freight, there are fewer chances of damages.


Undoubtedly, Air Freight is quite expensive. That is why it is often limited to items that are smaller in size and higher in value. The list given below could be used as a handy reference:

  • Electronic Items: Many manufacturers make use of air freights to ship electronic goods. The biggest example will be of Apple, which ships its iPhones from its manufacturing bases in China to different parts of the world.
  • Apparel Items: Clothing styles and requirement often change as per the season or festivities. Hence, apparel manufacturers often look for quick shipping through air freights. Some of the leading apparel manufacturers like Vero Moda, have their manufacturing base in Asian countries, and from there they ship to European countries as well as rest of the world through Air. Hence, this is one of the reasons why the branded apparels are priced high.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical products are generally smaller in size and are lightweight as well, which makes them perfectly suitable for air freights. Moreover, some of the products are categorized under essential medicines, which needs quick shipping.
  • Documents and Samples: Documents and samples are lightweight items, that can be sent over the air freight. DHL Global Forwarding was the first one to start this when they start shipping documents over the air. For document shipping, air freight still remains the most cost-effective solution.
  • Seasonal Shipments: Sometimes, a product will have a higher demand in the global market. In this case, steady supply of the product is required, and often air freight is preferred for shipment.

Apart from the factors discussed above that determines the air freight cost, the air freight cost will include the following charges:

  • Security Surcharges
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Terminal Handling Charges
  • Airport Transfers

As a licensed customs broker, we recognize our obligation to act responsibly on behalf of our customers in our declarations to government agencies. PLGs brokerage team will facilitate the smooth and timely movement of your merchandise through current and future government reporting requirements. This attention to detail and our progressive approach to customer service deliver valuable competitive advantage to your global supply chain