Don’t discover unacceptable defects in your warehouse – discover them on the production floor with the help of PLG. We catch the quality issues where and when they can still be fixed!

PLG offers a wide range of quality inspection services.

  • Real-time updates from site
  • Decision making support
  • Efficient photo reporting

The earlier the defects are identified the more efficiently they can be analysed and rectified.

  • Training and competence building
  • Benchmarking projects
  • Protocol and standard setting

The more information we have the more smoothly the inspection will go. PLG can help to set up your protocols and checklists and you will get a tailor-made report.

Good for the client and good for the producer

Our aim is always to have a satisfied customer and to ensure that the manufacturer sees us as an asset and a communications channel.

Consult us to decide which type of inspection you need.

Once production has began, stopping it at any point will become costly and interrupt the momentum. So before any buttons are pressed on the production line, we check that everyone involved with the manufacturing is well informed and have everything that is necessary to start production. We hold a meeting ensuring that all specifications are shared, quality standards are understood and risk areas have been identified. A detailed checklist and a protocol is produced for all to follow.

WHEN/WHERE: In the factory production area, test production run for new producer or new/problem product

WHAT: The inspection, to check conformity, consists of:

  • Confirm samples and specification understood by line manager and workers
  • Factory lines properly set up and ready for production
  • Appropriate plan for correct bulk production
  • Status of material, availability and quality assured

If you ask the factory to make a small series before bulk production, we can also check the conformity of the finished product from live production. It is often a very good solution to prevent problems in bulk production.

WHEN/WHERE: on the production floor and in finishing and packing area 20% of the order completed for new producer or new or problem product

WHAT: identify and analyse defects and make corrective and preventative action plan. Valid for new product ranges and unproven factories. DPI recommended as a complement to a PSI. Make corrections early in the processes to save resources.

WHEN/WHERE: in factory warehouse, at least 80% of the order is shipping packed

WHAT: Ensure the production is according to specifications by international inspection standards at a level agreed with the customer.

WHEN/WHERE: in factory warehouse or at forwarder’s premises. If no other inspection has been done and if there is reason to doubt the shipment content. Oversee loading and sealing of container.

WHAT: Inspection of last resort. Brief goods quality check, ensure that the goods to be loaded is in accordance to order description and correct quantity and weight.

We use the international standard MIL-STD-105E or AQL tables as a statistical tool during inspections. We help you consider what is an acceptable quality level for your products and assist you in discussing it with your supplier. Even though the AQL can seem complicated at first glance it is widely used as an objective tool in controlling quality and known and used by the manufacturers themselves. If you want to be more informed what this mean for your production contact us for introduction.